Why to use Toners?

Why to use Toners?

Ever wondered why toners are necessary for our skin? Old days are far-gone when toners were considered something that could be harsh on the skin. Contemporary toners are formulated with a more gentle & mild approach. This is what we aim for, at hübsch, when we work on our formulations.

Here are some facts to help build your opinion:


1. Balances your skin's pH 

Many external aspects can disturb our skin's natural pH level and make it dry, oily, or irritated. A toner can quickly balance those levels & calm down your skin.
2. Keeps your skin hydrated

Facial toners aim at hydrating your skin. Basically, toners are water-based skincare products created to give extra hydration potion to the skin after cleansing. hübsch toner has some hydrating ingredients to lock the hydration in your skin for a long time.
3. Freshen up your skin

Refreshing your skin with just a spray-on toner is a great & effortless way to jump into your daily routine. It feels less complicated, can be used anywhere, and is easy to carry it around — made to make you feel amazed and refreshed.

4. Soothes the skin

Sometimes skin acts differently, especially when there are breakouts, or the skin is inflamed Cleansers also do their job, but certain skin conditions need extra efforts to be back on track. Applying a toner helps to restore balance and it calms down the skin, keeping it from feeling too tight or dry.

5. Helps remove excess oil and unclog pores

Adding the hübsch facial toner to your daily routine can really help in removing excess oil, dirt, and impurities settled on your skin due to skin exposure. Sensitive skin gets affected by them real quick and toner can be your skin's knight in shining armour.

It unclogs the pores by clearing them & let them breathe.

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