About us

The hübsch Journey

A German-origin luxury beauty brand, the name “hübsch” means “pretty” in German. We are all about Science, Precision and Results. True to our German legacy, we take a well-researched approach to skin and body care – focussing on the power of ingredients, procedure and formulation.

German beauty & skincare revolves around science & nature. Our formulations always have a tint of both. At hübsch, we work on a tried-and-tested approach to finding new ways. We are determined to create sustainable skincare products suitable for every skin battling various skin conditions.

Thus, with rapidly exploding & growing demand for better skin care products, we vowed to contribute & share our proficient knowledge bottled in these far-reaching skincare solutions. We believe our skin needs to be comforted with continuous effort, and our products are made with mild & balanced ingredients to meet everyone’s skincare goals.

Continuing with our underlying idea, we started our journey in 2022 with a range of skincare products. Battling with own skin problems led a group of people towards a deep research which started the making process of a brand that proudly announced its existence & skillfulness today, for better skincare.

We believe that everyone should enjoy the elegance of an unchallenging & simple skincare routine. hübsch products are far from complications and are made to put a focus on overall skin health coupled with natural ingredients. hübsch stands upon basic inherited values that give simplicity, efficacy, and elegance to the products. Getting something to our skin with ease is what we always had on our minds. We concentrated on incorporating therapeutic, aromatic resources with convincing results, that one can rely on.

hübsch team wishes to make your skincare ritual a ton less complex by delivering multi benefits in just one bottle, as your true skin Kumpel!